Alien Perfume

    • Parent company: Thierry Mugler
      • Designer with numerous fragrances
    • Originated in 2010
    • Is based off of the myth of the Alien Sun Goddess
      • Represented in its shape, color, and style of the bottle
    • Marketing position:
      • Unique
      • Essence of femininity
      • “Entrancing energizing power”
      • Bottle can be refilled in stores
      • Idea of an infinitive scent (long-lasting)


Missed Opportunities

    • Does not have much, if any print advertising
    • Needs more outdoor advertising as well
    • Also, no sample people in department stores
    • Website is extremely difficult to navigate
      • Way too much going on
      • Cluttered
Brand Challenges
    • Hundreds of similar fragrances all expressing to be “unique”
    • Is in a category of at least ten different Thierry Mugler fragrances

Competitive Analysis

    • Sunessence
      • Also in Thierry Mugler Collection
      • “luminous, energizing, comforting”Screen_shot_2011-02-09_at_11.28.07_PM.png
    • Eternity
      • In Calvin Klein Collection
      • Captures ideal love and intimacy
      • Long-lasting as well
      • Easy-to-use website navigationScreen_shot_2011-02-09_at_11.29.39_PM.png
    • Womanity
      • Also in Thierry Mugler Collection
      • Culture blending of woman
      • Elegance of a woman

Online and Offline Advertising Presence

    • Online:
      • Only within the Thierry Mugler website as a collection
      • Does not have its own website where the consumer can interact with the product
      • History, scent, background are all within the parent collection could use their own website because it is so new
    • Offline:
      • Infrequently and rarely in print advertisements
      • Has been seen in Glamour & Vogue


Possible Fixes

    • Its whole separate web site apart from the Thierry Mugler Collection
      • Utilize all of the information and history of the product given on the Thierry Mugler website
    • Print advertisements in Cosmopolitan and maybe even InStyle
    • Billboard advertisement