The username for survey monkey is Stardust22 and the password is 2flowerz4u.

I had a hard time with surveymoneky, so if you guys want to make this better please, by all means do so.

1. Level of education?

|| external image t.gifa. high school
external image t.gifb. some college
external image t.gifc. bachelors degree
external image t.gifb. Masters or higher education

===2. Do you perfer beer or liqior?===
external image t.gifa. beer
external image t.gifb. liqior

===3. What do you expect from the beer you drink?===

===4. What is the amount of your annual income?===
external image t.gifa. 30,000 - 50,000
external image t.gifb. 50,00 - 80,000
external image t.gifc. 80,000 - 12,000
external image t.gifd. 120,000 +

===5. Rate the following items in the order you would choice to drink them from least favoralbel to most favorable, with ONE(1) being the lowest and FIVE(5) being the most favored.===



Philly Brewing Co.

Pabst Blue Ribbion

===6. What social media do you use?===

===7. How many hours per week do you spend on Line?===
external image t.gif0 - 2hr
external image t.gif10hr and up
external image t.gif2hr - 4hr
external image t.gif6hr - 8hr
external image t.gif8hr - 10hr

8. Do you use the internet to check out whats going on before you head out for the evening?