Comments from Prof K: Excellent work. Remember to include your own brand in your Landscape Analysis and then you are done with this part of the Discover / Explore phase.

Philadelphia Brewing Company



The navigation on the site is very clean and organized.
  • History of company
  • Tour Schedule and Photo tour
  • Tab of their year- long beers
  • Slide show of seasonal beers
  • Subscribe to their News Letter
  • Community Calendar
  • Community affiliation tab
  • Calendar of Events & list of up-coming Events.
  • Beers
  • Events
  • Contact
  • About
  • Press
  • Philadelphia Brewing Co Supports tab and info.
  • Location tab
  • Contact tab
  • Related news
The navigation was very well laid out and thorough.
The events caption on the tool bar has a tab under it with a calendar of events which is very nice for the user to take advantage of.

User Experience

The site has connected to tons of social networking links.

At the bottom of each page it has the icons for stummbleupon, digg, facebook, and googlebookmarks. I know I saw the other social meida sites assoicated but at the moment can't track down were I saw them.
However, even though there was a ton of ways for people to share content the site was not interactive otherwise. Nor was it exciting or enticing to keep ones attention from wondering. There are some fun featuers like the current weather in Philadephia, if someone is looking to bar-hop under "our weather" on the home page.
The unser can contant the company via the website. However, on the page to do this the image is all burred which takes away some of the credibility of them actually trying to get back to the customer.


The color scheme is bland. The site seems outdated. Over all it is simple but not visually appealing.
The design is uncluttered and has an old fashioned feeling to it. The site itself in design is kind of flat or dull. It doesn't really give tribute to the history of the company.


The user is able to understand whats going on while using the site. The usability of the site is very straightforward but their is not interactive or fun. The site is easy but not exciting.

Victory Brewing Company



The Navigation of the Victory Brewing Company website is very straight forward. The navigation is all along the top in a horizontal format underneath the logo. There are 11 different tabs, which is kind of a lot to manage, but it works. Within each section there is further navigation possibilities. They alternate between the left and righthand side navigation with a few links embedded in articles and under pictures. Navigation is easy and makes sense. The set up of the "Inspired by Victory" section along the bottom of the homepage is a little weird. It's a good idea, but perhaps could be linked to more effectively.


The usability of the Victory Brewing Company website is excellent. Yes, there are a lot of tabs to navigate. However, this narrows the user's search. If they are looking for something specific they can find it. If they are browsing aimlessly, they will probably run into one of Victory's fun, interactive features. Either way, everyone wins. The site is uncomplicated and easy to use.

User Experience

The Victory Brewing Company website is more user friendly than a lot of other beer sites. Their site has a few fun things for the user to do and ways for users to share Victory with others. One of the fun interactive elements is the "Inspired by Victory" section which, although a little confusing to navigate at first, links to a Flickr slideshow of artwork that features or was inspired by Victory beers. Because music is important in the Victory beer crafting process, another interactive element is the Victory Radio, which is their own Pandora station. In the "Events" section users can find Victory events near them such as the 9th Annual Chili Challenge or the Fat Tuesday Beer Dinner. A strange thing to consider is there are no direct links to Victory on social media sites. There is a "Join our Mailing List" link at the top of the homepage and a "Like Us" on Facebook, but no official link to their other sites, if they have them. Overall, the user experience of the Victory Brewing Company website is fun and informative. Also, as a user, I am very intrigued by the Brewpub on Wheels...


The design of the Victory Brewing Company website is bold and colorful, with a sense of playfulness. After all, it is beer they are selling.

Yuengling Brewery



While there’s a decent amount to navigate through on their page, Yuengling have managed to arrange their content in a straightforward way so that anyone (over the age of 21) can enjoy their website to the fullest. The main navigation across the top of the page includes information on the story of Yuengling, the beer itself, the breweries, online store, promotions, and “fun stuff.” The secondary navigation to the right of the page redirects users to sites specifically for different types of Yuengling, including classic Yuengling Lager, Yuengling Porter, Lord Chesterfield Ale (the Yuengling equivalent of ale), and Yuengling Lager Light.


As easily as it is to navigate through, the usability is equally as uncomplicated on the Yuengling website. The content is clearly and simply accessible and easy to scan for whatever you desire. Any question you could possibly have about Yuengling can most likely be answered via the home page. All the most obvious choices are displayed on the navigation links, leading the user to a pleasantly simple experience.

User Experience:

Experiencing the Yuengling website represents the brand in a good way by relating to the average user. A friendly image is painted of Yuengling after visiting their website. The simplicity and general ease of using their navigation is a good reflection of what they stand for: pleasing their customers. Further, the many different outlets to share Yuengling stories make the whole 2.0 experience even more personal. Not only does the user have to option to follow Yuengling on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger, internal links can be clicked to enter specific Yuengling contests or to talk about Yuengling products, which opens a dialogue between users. Other links show exactly where the user can find different types of Yuengling in their neighborhood, even giving directions fro a specific address.


By reflecting the classic imagery of the Yuengling name as well as their long history, the online design decisions suit the brand well. Imagery such as black and white images of people drinking Yuengling above copy that reads “Classic” reminds users of the history of Yuengling. The layout is spread out evenly throughout and looks very professional. The fact that Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery is evident by the motif of the site, but that’s not to say their website is outdated. An unbiased response to the website would consider it to be cool and classic, yet modern and sophisticated.