Existing Site:

  • The main problem we find with Yard's Brewing Company's website is that there is very little, if any, interaction with a potential consumer.
  • Yard's current website is rather dull, with only 4 navigation tabs and very limited graphics.
  • The site draws no attention to Yard's tours and/or tastings, which we feel that if given the right dose or publicity and advertising, would attract large crowds.
  • The events page needs the most assistance because it is very disorganized and not really connected with Facebook and Twitter.

New Ideas:

  • We would like to introduce more interaction between Yards and their consumers through the use of the mobile application, Foursquare. With Foursquare, users can "check in" at a variety of bars that offer Yards beer and check in as "drinking a Yards". Likewise, with recent technology, users can get a map view on their mobile device of all of the other people in the area that are currently drinking a Yards.
  • With Foursquare if users check-in consistently with Yards and bars that serve Yards beer, they could potentially become "mayor" of Yards. Besides having the honor of becoming mayor of Yards, they would also receive a free case of Yards beer.
  • We would also like to incorporate Facebook more by offering a monthly contest in which users would take pictures of themselves drinking a Yards, uploading it to Facebook, and then tagging Yards in the photo. The best and most creative photograph would receive recognition on Yards website, as well as a free case of Yards beer, tickets to a Yards event, etc.
  • We also want to organize the events on Yards website into a calendar format, so when users click on a certain day, it could bring them to a Google map of the exact location and description of what event is going on that day in that area.
  • Likewise, we want to introduce constant tweets and texts to mobile phones when there is a Yard's event and/or tour currently going on near that mobile device holder. An example of a text would be: "Yards is having a tour of their brewery in ten minutes. Don't be late. Get yourself on the next subway and come have a beer with us!"
  • Introduce placement ads of YBC in the form of stickers that could be stuck all over the city in random, fun, and high-traffic spots with QR Codes on them. They could be placed in subway stations, inside cabs, or on pay phones. When people scan the QR code it could link them directly to the YBC website.
  • Introduce QR Codes inside the stickers on the bottles. This way when people peel off the sticker on their Yard's Beer Bottle (which they will have to purchase first in order to get the code) it could lead them to a fun fact page within our website, each with a unique fact (may or may not be dealing with beer). This would be similar to the popular "Snapple fact".
  • Perhaps have an interactive thing on the site with two different people drinking Yards, which the site view can click on one of the guys to make them drink faster. Kinda like a chugging contest on-line. (Something simple people can do on there lunch break that will get them involved)