Who is our target market?

The target market is males and females ages 21to 45. (Likely more male orientated because their beer is on the hoppy side)
  • Perhaps targeting college age people who are looking online for deals on drinks for after work.
  • the social drinker
  • the middle age friends getting together to watch a game at the local bar
  • Target vendors/buyers of bars and restaurants for advertising purposes.

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How will we reach them?

What are our business objectives?

  • Our business objective is to raise awareness for advertising purposes. (Drive sales)

Their on-line presence should be:

  • Fun
  • Up to date, current.
  • Interactive.
  • Connect with the buyers, such as the bars and halls that purchase. It should not exclude the casual in store consumer.

external image yards-610x319.jpg

FEEDBACK from Prof K: Great job coming up with user needs / business objectives for Yards site moving forward. Philly is very much a 'beer town'. Philadelphia holds a beer week each June which is a big time for all the local breweries to hold lots of events and gain a new following. You may want to look into what they did last year. How many tours do they do? Is that a big part of their business? Things to look into when doing your research. People who like beer like to talk about beer too. So, I'm sure you'll be able to get people talking during the research process. Just remember you don't have to mention (it's usually better not to) what brand you are researching...as one who likes Victory HopDevil may also like Yards beers, right?