Yards Brewing Company

As Tom Kehoe and Jon Bovit made their way through college, they experimented with homebrewing and formulating new beer recipes. Proud of their resulting product, they eagerly shared it with friends. During the early 1990s, many breweries opened, and craft brewing started to gain popularity. Working in a small English-style brewery in Western Maryland, Tom Kehoe and Jon Bovit decided to take matters into their own hands. In 1994, they founded Yards Brewing Company. Within a few months, "the Yards Guys" were producing one six-keg batch at a time out of their tiny 3.5-barrel brewhouse, and supplying ESA, Entire Porter, and several other cask-conditioned ales to bars clamoring for their wares. They delivered each keg themselves, making a point of being there whenever a bar tapped its first one. By 2007, they had to expand into their Northern Liberties brewery in order to keep up with the Philadelphia demand for Yards.

Missed Opportunities

Yards Brewing Company has a unique position as a Philadelphia-brewed beer. It is popular in bars in the city and could be a nationally recognized brand. Unfortunately, Yards does not advertise in the traditional sense. They partner with many bars and restaurants to host events. This is really the extent of their marketing. It is all conducted on their website and they also have a fledgling Facebook page and Twitter account.

Brand Challenges

Yards Brewing Company has focused on online content to spread their message. This is a challenge when many big beer brands use such heavy television and print advertising campaigns.

Competitive Analysis

Yards Brewing Company’s two main competitors are Philadelphia Brewing Company and Sly Fox Brewery. Both of these are local breweries that have interesting and interactive websites. They are user-friendly and easy to navigate. They feature extensive information about their beers, flavor profiles, event information, tours, tastings, and food in a fun way.
Philadelphia Brewing Company

Sly Fox Brewery


Online and Offline Advertising Presence

Yards Brewing Company’s offline advertising is virtually nonexistent. They rely on word of mouth, their web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account to promote their events. Since neither of their competitors really utilize offline media either, we foresee Yards Brewing Company continuing their online advertising presence.


Possible Fixes

Yards Brewing Company has a huge amount of potential. They have experienced success in the Philadelphia market, and they have consistently expanded their brewery into larger spaces. Yards Brewing Company needs to establish themselves as the Philadelphia beer. To do this they need to engage their consumer in new and different way. They utilize social media already, if it was focused it would be so much more effective. They have a decently designed web site, however it is not very interactive. Interactivity is the venue they need to explore in order to create an effective strategy and eventually a successful campaign.