- Communications objectives + measurable results desired
Provide a fun up-dated platform that appeals to loyal Philadelphia Yards Brewing Company consumers and perspective clients. By updated I mean it should feel fresh and be up to standards with the modern social media frenzy.

The problem to overcome is that the site currently needs to be spruced in order to introduce an interactive element for the site viewer to be able to have a

connection with the brand through the site.

The sites Problems to overcome are the dull layout, the feel of the layout design including coloring etc, producing language on the site that speaks to the target and finally overcoming the fact that people most likely only going to check the site once.

 What is the site objective (based on problem/challenge)?
 What are the recommended measures of success?
- Program + tactics/ plan recommendation
 What are the recommended tactics of your program?
 How will the tactics presented deliver on the measures of success?
- Content outline
 Describe the content buckets that will populate your destination